So how do you like your NURU? Some like it hot; some like it sizzling. But no matter how you like it, you will love the nude body on nude body of our Montreal NURU. With two playgrounds to choose from, if you like your pleasure slow and easy, sensuous and tantalizing with peaks and […]


Bachelor party

Book your Bachelor Party at “Your Fantasy, Our Playground!” He’s the Bachelor who has everything. Or does he? He’s the Bachelor who wants everything. Now that’s more like it and his very Best Man and all the Groom’s men agree! So here he goes, whether Bachelor #1 or Bachelor # 2, he’s about to join […]


Renew lust for lover

NURU will Renew Your Lust with Your Lover Do you remember when your love was new and fired-up your passion, each morning? Did it smolder, feverishly, in your fantasies just to get you through the endless day? Did it rage to fever pitch while you waited to return to your lover? Could you bear the […]


Come to Montreal

“Mont Real,” or “Royal Mountain,” is a 761-foot hill, set like a jewel in the center of one of the most stunning, vibrant and exciting cities in the world – Montreal. As “King of the Hill,” your mind will whirl with hikers and bikers; dog-walkers and people watchers; roller-bladers, drum players, poets, painters and the […]