Bachelor party

Book your Bachelor Party at “Your Fantasy, Our Playground!”

He’s the Bachelor who has everything. Or does he? He’s the Bachelor who wants everything. Now that’s more like it and his very Best Man and all the Groom’s men agree! So here he goes, whether Bachelor #1 or Bachelor # 2, he’s about to join the very exclusive – and very naughty! – Bachelor #3 Club.

These are the Bachelors who know the hot-blooded sensuality and mischievous bliss of the Montreal NURU massage, where it’s “Your Fantasy, Our Playground.” Here, at his own NURU Bachelor Party, you’ll send the Groom on a pulse-racing, mind-blowing adventure in a cold sweat and a hot and bothered frenzy. And the best part? You’re all going with him!

So what’s a NURU Massage? It’s everything you dreamed an adult massage could be: a fully nude body massage by another fully nude body! Or FIVE nude bodies eager to spark your imagination and keep your fires burning. Tickling, teasing, squeezing and pleasing, our Bachelor Parties create memories that will your arouse passions, forever.
Derived from the ancient Japanese art form of massage, NURU means “slide.” Guided by the exotic NURU gel, your skilled Masseuse will, indeed, slip and slide, skin to skin over your awakened body. Oh, the power and the passion of the famous NURU massage.
But perhaps your taste goes more to our Naked Sushi event or the Nuru Goddess who will shimmy and shake, with abandon, on your own live event stage; where anything goes – including your imagination. With several different packages to suit your pleasure or your budget or tempt them both over the edge, every party-goer selects his own lusty Masseuse to explore every fantasy and heighten every desire.
Set at our Laval venue, specially created for Bachelor Parties with 8 -18 lusty appetites; lasting 1 – 6 hours, or as long as your Bachelor and guests can survive, here you will indulge in endless hours of our unique NURU “hide and seek.” Oh, you can hide but our ravishing ladies – who hide nothing in their see-through, peek-a-boo lingerie or total nudity – will seek out every pleasure button and push it to the boiling point. This is not your favorite childhood game!
Whichever package you choose, Montreal NURU is the first Adult Entertainment Salon to pamper you with the sexy, slippery glide of the NURU Massage Gel. It’s part of our commitment to giving your Bachelor of Honor – and all your guests – the erotic delights of a sensual massage and the celebration of a lifetime! Come play with us.

Please Note: Montreal NURU is dedicated to stimulating the erotic pleasure of anticipation; consummation is not on the menu.