Renew lust for lover

NURU will Renew Your Lust with Your Lover

Do you remember when your love was new and fired-up your passion, each morning? Did it smolder, feverishly, in your fantasies just to get you through the endless day? Did it rage to fever pitch while you waited to return to your lover?

Could you bear the ache, did you feel the burn? And when you finally came together, gasping with yearning, did your heart fairly burst from your body as you rushed to devour each other with your eyes and lips as hands groped, urgently, at your clothes and your zippers?

How long ago was that? A year? 5? 20? But who’s counting…besides you?

Now, the hunger is just for dinner…maybe a steak, maybe a pizza. Maybe dinner will be late because you stopped for a “brew with the guys” and she’s closing the shop or shopping with the girls. Tonight she curls under the covers with romance novels and you creep into your man-cave, quietly, to catch a few “shows.”

So what happened?

Time happened. Life happened. “Baby makes three” happened…as you slipped into second place of the second stage. Bills happened. Debt happened. Costs are higher, job security’s lower and wages stayed the same. Your daughter needs braces and your son’s being bullied….Who put out the fire?

But even more important, how can it be rekindled?

If you know the NURU PLAYGROUND, you know the fire is always there, ready to blaze again. If you have the will, we’ll show you the way. Your desire, fantasy, awakenings, passion is our mission. Lighting the spark with your lover is our goal.

If you’re eager to indulge your partner in new – or renewed – areas of erotic exploration and devilish delight, share the uninhibited bliss of the NURU massage. Heighten the pleasure of your own delicious anticipation by watching hers (or his!). Remember or see for the first time, the super hot spots that are being tweaked and revealed. Make them your own as you are skilled in the uncensored gift of giving and receiving sensual euphoria.

Our “Couples Delight” NURU massage lets you and your lover escape from the outside world and unleash the erotic, spine-tingling ecstasy of anticipation you’ve longed to revive with each other.
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Please Note: Montreal NURU is dedicated to stimulating the erotic pleasure of anticipation; consummation is not on the menu.