Job position

We are always looking for beautiful, delicious and sensual young ladies full of energy and joie de vivre to join our Massage Nuru team. For our entire team, hostesses, management and others, we offer a clean, professional, pleasant and well-maintained environment, as well as great financial and personal opportunities.

We are proud to have employees who have been with us for a long time and who continually strive to earn their loyalty.

Hostess job

Join our team if you are 21 or older. Be part of our team if you understand that we only offer adult playground and adult entertainment services, not offering sexual intercourse, oral or otherwise, without exception. We are anything but an escort agency. Your safety is our highest priority.

You are an ideal candidate to work with us if you have an innate talent or a real pleasure in playing different roles. At the heart of our business, if you believe you have a sexy behavior or you are ready to learn the art of seduction, come see us.

Finally, here are several bonus points: Having travelled, being educated, bilingual, having a college diploma or more. Having a reliable means of transport and being a person with impeccable punctuality is an obligation, since reservations are scheduled on time. In short, we are interested in women who take this job seriously and would like to make a career out of it.

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